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Meet Dr. Jason Blumenfeld

My Journey to Becoming a Chiropractor

Sappington Chiropractor, Dr. Jason Blumenfeld

Dr. Jason Blumenfeld

“How amazing!!” The very first time that I ever went to a chiropractor was when I was in high school. In fact, it wasn’t even for me! I was accompanying my high school girlfriend and her mother to see their chiropractor. We were out running errands one day and it happened to be time for their appointments. I accompanied them in to the treatment room, watched them get adjusted and thought to myself, “how amazing!!” I must confess, though, that I cringed as I heard their necks “pop” as they got adjusted, and visually, I thought, “how freaky!!” He then offered to adjust me…..hmm…I don’t know…as I thought to myself. After hesitating for a few moments, I said, “why not?” After that, I was TRULY amazed as to how good I felt and as to how wonderful my back was! That was my first experience going to a chiropractor!

“I was a little skeptical, then AMAZED!”

While attending undergraduate school at Florida State University as a biology major, I was working part-time at a local bank in Tallahassee as a bank teller. One day, the Brinks delivery truck dropped off a huge shipment of coins that was carried into the vault. I accompanied the head teller into the vault, and being the only male teller there, I was given the task of opening up the rolled coin and counting it down. Well, I lifted up a heavy bag of rolled quarter, sprained my lower back in the process, and fell to the ground in severe pain.

After this incident, I went home, took aspirin and took a hot bath to try to loosen up my muscles. The next morning, I could barely get up out of bed, called a coworker at the bank who was seeing a chiropractor for her whiplash injury, and asked her for the name and number of her chiropractor. I literally crawled into the shower, got into my car and made it to my appointment.

After just the first treatment, I was AMAZED as to how much better I felt, and suddenly, the light bulb came on!! After three treatments, I felt 110% better. This chiropractor that I went to in Tallahassee, FL just happened to be a graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic here in St. Louis, and was actually a native of St. Louis!! The rest is history!!

A Chiropractic Education

I received my Bachelor of Science in Human Biology from Logan College of Chiropractic in 1989, and received my Doctorate of Chiropractic, Cum Laude, in 1992. I immediately went into private practice and started Blumenfeld Family Chiropractic in October of 1992 and have been doing so ever since! I then continued with a postdoctoral program in Acupuncture and received my Missouri State Acupuncture Certification in 1994. Acupuncture is amazing!!

About Blumenfeld Family Chiropractic

It is my intention to create a very warm, very caring, very inviting office environment for all of my friends and patients. I strive hard to take my time and address all of your health care needs and concerns. I truly enjoy treating all members of the patient families, as chiropractic care is essential for everybody, regardless of age! It has been and always will be my personal practice philosophy to treat all of my patients the way I would treat my family or close friends, or to treat you the way I would expect to be treated, or the way I would expect my parents to be treated if they went to see a doctor! It’s that simple!!

Outside of the Office

My interests and hobbies include playing clarinet, piano, and scuba diving! I play the clarinet in a community orchestra, as well as in a community symphonic band. I am a scuba instructor and teach scuba classes throughout the summer. Let me know if you are interested!! I am truly an animal lover and have two wonderful dogs at home!!

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